Texas Rangers Offers Season Tix To Any Joe Schmo That Can Hit One Out Of The Park, Dude Mashes On 3rd Pitch

BC – Here’s a pretty basic contest the Rangers put on yesterday: come to Globe Life Park, try and hit a home run, and if you do, you get free season tickets. Only rules are you can’t be a current pro or college player and you have to put a 25 percent deposit down for the tickets. This is Byron Anderson. He put down $2000 and on his third swing he took that pitching machine yard.

AWESOME. The bro’s at the Fort Worth Crossfit aren’t going to hear the end of this one. They need to be doing this in every damn city. If you think you got the stick to plop down $2K and Glory Days it out of a major league ballpark then more power to you. And kudos to the Rangers for having The Natural belt out on cue and making this guy’s life moment shine even brighter. Goosebumps all around and you gotta run the bases after that jack no matter how corny it seems. If anything he could’ve taken his time around the bases instead of doing that Scott Rolen sprint. Regardless, in a wink of a young girl’s eye Mrs. Anderson is gonna get the good business for weeks till he comes back down from Cloud 9. That blast better have caused another baby.

Where are the Phillies with this offer? I’ve graduated from #IHateThisTeam to #WeAreGoingToBeWatchable since late last season. Give the common man a shot at the Bank. I don’t know with the wood, though. I think we can barely get it out of the infield a la Ben Revere swinging a Wonder Bat. At least with a metal stick it would be no issue pretending we can get WTP. The technology they put in these space aged bats nowadays it makes my Omaha 3000 and its magnificent ping seem like a toothpick. Even so, we still got that magical swing. The look – Not so much. But still got the swing. Mike to Ike, baby. Mike to Ike. #ChicosBailBonds