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Donald Trump Is Now After The Ricketts Family And The Cubs After Marlene Ricketts Donated Money To An Anti-Trump PAC

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Listen, I can’t even begin to understand what goes on when very rich people decide to spend millions of dollars on political campaigns. On the surface it makes sense, powerful people stay in power by always protecting themselves and their interests. Well here’s the interest of a not so powerful person (me), the health and well being of the 2016 Chicago Cubs. So listen Trump, you want to bash the Ricketts, you want to start a war with Marlene, be my guest. But you leave the Cubs out of this. I’m not going to let your stupid campaign fuck with my team and what should be a magical year. You want to tell the world Tom wears the same khakis every day and is a little creepy, go ahead, we’ve known that for years. You want to expose the Ricketts for caring too much about the fans of Chicago or killing one of the rooftop owners, I won’t stop you. But don’t you dare fuck with the actual baseball operations of this team. Leave us out of this. I don’t actually care all that much who our next President is, I blog about politics because it’s easy fodder and guaranteed pageviews, but I sure as hell care how the Cubs do this season. Sports > Politics, and if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.





How about this loser telling the CIA on me because I said I would fuck Trump up. Do you even understand what the CIA does, idiot.



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The CIA can’t actually have me killed for this right? right?