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Bad News, A Megabus From Chicago Spontaneously Combusted In The Middle Of The Highway, Good News, The Ticket Was Still Cheap!

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I guess this is one of those moments where you have to say you get what you pay for right? If anyone has ever had the joy of riding the Megabus they know it’s not exactly first class. It’s cheap, it’s cramped, people have way too many bags and the Wifi always sucks ass. Oh and I guess also sometimes the bus just bursts into flames at random times. But the point remains, you don’t take the Megabus for comfort, you take it because flights were too expensive or you’re a poor college student. So when the thing blows up on the side of the highway and you almost die in a human barbecue, you basically can’t complain. Thankfully Megabus insures passengers belongings up to $250, which if you take out everyone’s iPhones, is far more than the worth of anyone’s belongings on a Megabus.
How about the brutal luck to have a New York Times travel writer on board. That’s the type of publicity that could sink Megabus. Just kidding, people will always use Megabus even if it could literally cost you your life.





One plus to riding a bus is bringing your own booze on the ride. I used to ride the bus from Madison to Chicago in college and would get drunk on the trip. All time “simple joy” activity. Like drinking on the metra. Feels like you’re stealing time when you get drunk while traveling, one of the best feelings out there.