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Kris Jenner Gets The SHIT Booed Out Of Her At I Heart Radio Concert

HATE HATE HATE HATE!!! If you’ve got hate in your heart, let it out! Those were some big time boos. Like deep, solid, sound boos for 60 full seconds. Thats commitment to booing. That means the crowd had to take like several breaths and start booing over and over again multiple times. I dont think Utley got booed this hard at Citi in the playoffs this year and he almost killed a guy. I was waiting for tomatoes and heads of lettuce to start raining down on her. Kris Jenner standing there in a Boy George hat and underwear with dick holes in em, getting showered with rotten fruit. What a scene.

To be perfectly honest, I dont think I understand all the Kardashian hate. I dont get the people who are like “Kris Jenner pimps out her own family!” like you’re some high horse moral authority who’s above that. Like you’re really worried about the Kardashian kids upbringing and if they were loved properly. Like every other ultra successful person didnt have some asshole parent exploiting them and forcing shit on them. Get lost. I also dont understand the people who are like “Who gives a fuck about these people! They dont have any talent!” Um, thats the American dream, people. The fact that this family does have people that care about them (a fuck ton of people) – without any talent – is the most American thing of all time. Hating these people – and especially hating them enough to boo relentlessly at a concert presentation – is just straight up jealousy. My family, your family, and everyone’s family is pretty much talentless and dysfunctional, the Kardashians just found a way to turn that into over 300 million dollars. Dont hate on undeserved success. Thats what this country is all about. I’m not saying I’d cheer the woman but I certainly dont care enough to boo her like shes ISIS.