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With Fastlane in the Books and The Main Event Of Mania Set, What Is WWE Thinking?

Perfectly said. That answers the question in the title. As I’ve blogged many times, Vince does things his way. He wanted Reigns to win the belt at Mania last year, but after Reigns was booed out of the building after Mania, realized he wasn’t quite ready yet. But he was not going to give up on Reigns, his handpicked guy. So Roman went the entire year without being pinned cleanly, had the entire 3 hour Raw week in and week out dedicated to making him look strong, and the fans just still didn’t connect with him. Sure the kids love him because he overcomes the odds and does a Superman Punch, but he just does not work as the top face. It’s so easy to see. In comparison, despite being booed, John Cena has a special connection with the audience where he is so good at ring psychology that it works. Reigns isn’t anywhere close to that, but Vince keeps pretending it’s all lollipops and unicorns.

So now the main event of Mania, unless changes are made, is set to be HHH vs Roman Reigns. This is 2016 and the writing is so bad and their character development is so weak that HHH is headlining Wrestlemania. That’s not a good sign for where the company is at. They are so scared to get out of their comfort zone- for example, Kane, Big Show, and Ryback winning a match last night over the Wyatts. First off, why did Kane and Big Show have a match but the New Day not? Where are the young guys like Neville and Breeze? What’s the point of NXT if they aren’t going to build stories for them on the main roster? It just does not make sense.

In other news though, Brock Lesnar is still the best.

I could watch Brock Lesnar do shit like that all day every day. It appears now he will have a match vs Ambrose at Mania, which will probably steal the show. Highly doubtful that Ambrose will win, but man if there is one guy who looks good taking a beating, it’s him. He is up there with just about anyone as a guy willing to put his body on the line for the good of the show.


Let’s see, what else happened last night? Kevin Owens retained and will probably face AJ Styles at Mania, which should be a great match. Also, why won’t WWE put things like this on television? Let the guys show their personalities one fucking time for me:


Also, I need Sasha vs Becky vs Charlotte at Mania. I am very surprised they didn’t turn on each other last night. Enough with the riff raff, let’s let Sasha eat. She made Tamina look like an all star last night.

Let’s see…what else? The random R Truth vs Axel match was so pointless. How have they not built a mid card tag team feud or ANYTHING. Remember when you had Edge and Christian, the Dudleys, Matt and Jeff, 2 Cool, the New Age Outlaws and the APA all going after the titles? Now we have…..New Day and the Usos. Dudleys just botch everything all match, andddddd that’s about it now that Kalisto is a single’s wrestler.

The Wyatts losing was, as said above, pathetic. Bray must be doing something really, really wrong backstage to get booked the way he gets booked. Build, build, build, lose. Rinse and repeat. Some of the other losses made sense, this one did not. Such an easy way to elevate them as “faces of fear” or whatever bullshit they are putting out there, but nope, let’s have Big Show win. Very pointless.

Now let me come full circle. I don’t know what they’re thinking for Mania. They HAVE to know Reigns is going to get booed out of the building from here until Mania, and then when he wins at Mania. They’re going to have the Rock try to put him over, and I just don’t think it’ll work. We aren’t dumb. So it’ll be very interesting to see what they decide to do from here until then. Maybe the main event isn’t as set in stone as we think.

Also, I’m hearing a pretty nifty rumor about Raw tonight. If true, it’s going to be awesome. One of the all time greats might be making an appearance. I’m buzzing about it because it seems true. I don’t like spoiling stuff so I’m keeping it to myself but Raw might be a must-watch at 8pm.