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David Legwand From The Parking Lot!

Nearly a 200-foot rocket from David Legwand. On the penalty kill no less. And I guess this confirms that Columbus is all in on trying to land Auston Matthews in this summer’s draft. Can’t say I blame them. They suck ass, he is very good, seems like a reasonable plan to me. Maybe just try to be a little sneakier about it is all.

I tweeted this last week or something but I’m actually pretty shocked that David Legwand is still in the NHL. I know that he was a former 2nd overall pick. And I get that there are still a handful of guys from that ’98 draft class still in the league. But David Legwand has only had 2 seasons in his career where he broke 50 points. And only 1 of those did he break 60 points. The guy has been in the NHL forever at this point seemingly doing a whole lot of nothing. Gotta respect that.