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Big Shout Out to These "Nuns" Who Have An Illegal Weed Operation That They Love Telling Everyone About


Source – A group of California nuns are breaking the law by growing and selling illegal marijuana – and they remain unbothered. The Sisters of the Valley found themselves in an interesting predicament when the state laws that were sent to take place at the beginning of March and were meant to make laws more lenient for marijuana users and producers were not enforced, prompting many areas to enact emergency marijuana laws. But according to Mike Conway, Merced city spokesman, the city of Merced, California, is not going to enforce the bans until a final decision is made on the matter, so the Sisters of the Valley are continuing to run their successful mail-order Etsy business. “Everything we are doing is illegal,” said Sister Kate, who leads the Sisters of the Valley. “Those plants you just saw in my garage…they’re illegal. The salves, the batch we’re about to show you, is illegal. Yes, everything is illegal.” 

It should be noted that the nuns are not Catholic but have instead taken vows related to marijuana and its healing powers. “We commit our life to cannabis,” said Sister Kate. “We commit our lives to the sisterhood.” “We live together, we work together, we’re a bit socialistic,” said Sister Kate. “If you look up what makes a ‘sister,’ those are the things.” The sisters are not worried about the possibility of the ban being enforced, either. “I guess I’m confident,” said Sister Kate. “From the standpoint, right will win at the end, but I don’t know how long that’s going to take.”




I love these chicks. See this? Illegal! That thing over there? Illegal! This whole news segment? Really illegal! People who flaunt their drug habits are annoying (we get it bro, you drink) but these ladies are doing it right in the whole world’s eyeballs. That’s bad ass. I haven’t seen anybody that comfortable being filmed next to weed they claim they own that wasn’t named Ricky, Bubbles, or JulianWho knew they had such huge, hairy balls under those habits? Sure, they’re supposedly turning all of that weed into pastes and balms and shit that doesn’t get you high, but if you don’t think Sister Kate is sparking a spliff every hour on the hour then you’re outside your mind. There haven’t been nuns this cool since Castle Anthrax. Not to mention they’re doing okay for themselves. I mean, they’re raking in $400k a year for marijuana products that don’t get you high. You’d think Adidas would have to start making Kanye’s Holy Shirts and Pants out of hemp to turn those kind of profits. Keep fighting the good fight, sisters!