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Rory Can't Stop Won't Stop Taking Jabs At Brandel Chamblee For His Weight Lifting Comments

Rory’s response to Brandel’s column



Rory at his press conference



Rory on Facebook last night



This is why I like Rory and I’ve said this before. It’s why he’s my favorite out of all the young guns. Rory handles himself different than every other golfer. He uses his own social media accounts to get his message out there. No fluff pieces, no writer twisting his words, no bullshit. Whether it’s announcing he broke his ankle playing soccer or giving updates on his recovery from his ankle injury or whatever. He does it all on his own terms.  That’s where we’re headed with social media if we’re not there already. Marshawn Lynch recently announced his retirement via Twitter. Jared Allen did the same thing yesterday. These guys don’t need traditional press releases or press conferences to get their message out there anymore. A guy in the media takes shots at them. They can INSTANTLY return fire thanks to the beauty of social media. That’s what Rory is doing here and I love it.


With all of that said, Rors has gotta be careful here. These shots and jabs he’s throwing at Brandel are funny but you don’t wanna cross over into the area of just posting too many gym videos.  Then you just become like the gym hardo on Facebook who always posts pictures of himself in his lifting gloves and everybody hates that guy. You don’t want be That Guy.  The guy Rory is right now is perfect. A couple weight lifting videos, throw a little bit of shade at a press conference and you’re golden. Everybody thinks it’s funny and Brandel Chamblee looks like a fool (especially if Rory does well at the Northern Trust Open this week. He shot an opening round 67). Maybe win the tournament this week and throw even more shade during a press conference. Just tread lightly posting videos of you being super shredded doing pull-ups because then fat people like me are gonna feel bad.