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A Girl's Dad Wrote A Rough Letter Shitting All Over Her For Having An Interracial Relationship

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Normally I think I’d say something like this shouldn’t be shared because I’m a big believer in not airing family dirty laundry publicly and there is no laundry dirtier than a dad who’s mad at his daughter for dating a black guy. But in this case, I definitely get why you’d do it. That’s just SUCH a brutal letter that there’s no coming back from that with their relationship. It’s 2016 and if this is something in your head, you can’t throw it like this at your daughter. Even if the guy she’s dating ended up being the worst and she hated black dudes and would never date one again, her dad turning on her like that won’t ever leave her mind. So if that bridge is burnt already, why not throw a few more logs onto the fire in the name of love, RTs and favs? Even if it’s a bit attention whorey, there’s something sweet fighting for a relationship in the face of something so aggressive, power of love and all that.


Though if you’re this guy, talk about a whole lot of pressure on your head now. You’re not only indirectly responsible for this chick’s relationship with her dad blowing up, you’re now publicly on the hook on social media for being the love of her life overcoming racism and bias and all that happy horseshit. You’re also basically dating her on behalf of interracial relationships everywhere so you can’t slip even a little, no sidechick DMs or god forbid she blows his spot like this if he sends a shitty text or something. This dude is on permanent probation with his relationship from here on out.


But anyway good luck to these kids and hopefully the dad figures shit out. If nothing else he should learn to hold off on his interracial dating/half-black child bashing letters until after Black History Month. I mean they already get the shortest month of the year as is, at least wait the 10 days and make the David Duke schpiel more of a March issue.