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This Louisiana Cop Clay Higgins Is The Biggest Hardo I've Ever Seen And I Love Him For It.


What’s your move here if you’re the Gremlins? I mean you just can’t get called out any harder than they just did. They probably think they’re so tough and then this cop just chops them to pieces in this youtube video.

“You think men like these are afraid of an uneducated 125 pound punk like you who has never won a fair fight in his life and holds his gun sideways? Look at you! Men like us, son we do dumbbells presses with weights bigger than you.”

And one last message to the Gremlins…If don’t like the things I’ve said tonight….I’M EASY TO FIND”


I mean that’s not just getting slapped on the wrist.  That’s getting you’re manhood called out.  That’s gut check time.  I’m not totally fluent on gang culture but I just don’t see how the Gremlins can keep their street cred after this unless they actually show up and try to kill this guy.   And the thing is we both know Clay Higgins would put 19 bullets in them before they even realized they were shot.  It’s a no win situation for the Gremlins.


PS – This isn’t this guy’s first rodeo.