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Dude On Wheel Of Fortune Thinks Venice Is In Paris In Ultra Cringeworthy Video

Listen, David is a doofus. Thinking that Paris is a country and then thinking that Venice is in France is some major doofus shit. And thats coming from the most geographically challenge person on the planet. I think I could pick out like 5 countries total on a globe, and even I know that Venice is in Italy.

But he’s not really to blame here. This all falls on Keri. How is your woman gonna let you go over the edge of that cliff??? She absolutely knows whether hes the type of dude who knows where Venice is. She’s gotta jump in there and be like “Honey, let me take this one.” ESPECIALLY after answering Paris! She shoulda jumped in from the get go but after answer that Venice is a city inside the “country” of Paris you gotta take the wheel, babe. Instead she just leaves him blowing in the wind. He’s sitting there with a lit stick of dynamite and she could put the fuse out and instead she just lets him blow to smithereens. If I’m ever on couples Wheel of Fortune with my wife, well, first thing’s first, just kill. But secondly if that prick Sajak lobs us a question about geography or spelling, you best believe wifey is taking the reins on that one. Its about self awareness and knowing your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. Congrats on that trip to Venice, Paris but I think you 2 might need some couples counseling.