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Decorated Marine Veteran Attacked And Knocked Out Because He Didn't Answer When Asked If He Believed In Black Lives Matter

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(Source) Authorities worked Wednesday to identify at least four people who attacked and robbed a decorated former Marine at a Washington, D.C. McDonald’s, leaving him in the restaurant unconscious. Christopher Marquez, 30, an Iraq War vet, told the Washington Post he was eating in a back corner of the restaurant on Friday when a group of teens and young men approached his table. “They saw me and crowded around … and they started asking me if I believed black lives matter,” Marquez told the paper. “I was ignoring them, then they started calling me racist.” At that point, Marquez said he left the McDonald’s, but was knocked unconscious by a blow to his head. When he came to, his pants were ripped and his wallet, which contained $400 in cash, three credit cards and VA medical card among other items, was missing. “When I was in the Marine Corps, I served with people from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and races,” Marquez told The Daily Caller. “Like all Marines, I fought for the freedom of all Americans and not just one particular group.” Marquez made an unsuccessful 2014 run for Congress as a Democrat in California. He currently studies at American University in Washington D.C. “I believe this was a hate crime and I was targeted because of my skin color,” Marquez, who is Hispanic, told the Daily Caller. “Too many of these types of attacks have been happening against white people by members of the black community and the majority of the main stream media refuses to report on it.”





Whole lot going on here but first and foremost, lock those punks up. Bury them under the jail. It’s one thing to throw an outrageously scumbag punch at a guy who’s unaware that he’s in a fight. It’s another thing to do it then find out the guy is a veteran. And it’s even another to find out the guy is a veteran with fucking TWO statues made in his honor because he’s such a hero. Really insane that hardly anyone is reporting on this. Fucking Captain America got attacked and it seems like no one is batting an eye. One billion percent these kids need to be charged with a hate crime. I don’t think they were part of the real “Black Lives Matter” movement, because they’re just fucking dirtballs who were looking for a fight, but if you drop some shit like that and knock an innocent man out then you’re a racist who deserves to be locked up for a long, long time. Plain and simple. Use race and violence? Yup, that’s a hate crime. Hopefully they get a judge who’s into some Seinfeld, off-the-book type rulings and just drops these boys off and their fuckboy, OBJ haircuts off at the Marine Barracks on 8th and I and let’s things shake out as they may.