Three Dudes At A Murder Hearing Have Something To Say: Follow Them On Twitter


(WYFF)Jamari Trayvar Fair, 18, Dennis Ezell Gibbs, 19, Albert Lavern Taylor, 22, and a 15-year-old are all charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of Kejuan Brown at the Tri-City Lanes Bowling Alley Wednesday night.



Are these guys shitheads? Yes. Are they murderers? Most likely. Deserve to rot in jail? Absolutely. But don’t say they’re not social media savvy. It’s all about numbers, followers, viewers, and listens. Your social media following is infinitely more important than your net worth (it’s not, but let me have that. I’m poor but some people follow me on Twitter so it’s how I sleep at night). You can hate them as monsters who would shoot up a bowling alley, but don’t say they’re not smart entrepreneurs. It’s all about hustle. Some guys stand on street corners their whole lives handing out mixtapes, others kill someone then yell “follow me” over each other so you can’t even makeout what their handles are. Work smarter, not harder people. Kicking myself for not screaming “FeitsBarstool on Twitter! Feitelberg on Instagram and SnapChat! I know I should have used the same name for everything, that was a mistake on my part!” as I was hauled off to jail by the NYPD. I fucked up, what do you want me to say?