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UNREAL: Eagles Part Ways With College Scouting Coordinator A WEEK BEFORE THE NFL COMBINE


BGN – The Philadelphia Eagles recently parted ways with college scouting coordinator Matt Lindsey, according to a report from Lindsey had been with the organization since 2014. His name is no longer listed on Philadelphia’s front office listing. Why is this significant? As Geoff Mosher notes, this means that the Eagles will be without both a college scouting director and a college scouting coordinator as the 2016 NFL Combine begins next week. Lindsey’s departure also takes place a little over two months prior to the 2016 NFL Draft.

Somebody had the spot on comment a bit back about this Eagles franchise being like an episode of The Twilight Zone. Just when you think things really can’t get worse, the shit hits the fan again, and again, and again.

Well here we go, folks. The only team in the league without a college scouting director, college scouting coordinator, OR a certified player personnel head honcho. No, not the only team without all three of these, THE ONLY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE WITHOUT ONE OF THE MOTHERFUCKING THREE. So what does this mean? Howie Roseman is the tits of the town even more so this year than he was before he got demoted from his original GM position. There are very few legitimate football minds left to evaluate these kids. All in all, this should be fun.

Oh, and just remember this: Howie Roseman was in charge during of the greatest draft years of all-time in 2011 and selected arguably one of the worst drafts of ANY team in NFL history. Seriously. Current firefighter Danny Watkins in the first. 5th rounder Jaiquawn Jarrett, whom they picked in the 2nd round and cut only after one season. ALEX GODDAMN HENERY IN THE 4th ROUND. Their only “Good” pick in the draft was Jason Kelce in the 6th, and that’s not counting 5th rounder Dion Lewis who, when healthy next year, is a borderline HOF’er all of a sudden for the Pats.

This year’s draft has disaster written all over it, especially when Howie and Co. are trying to prove something. There’s no sitting back, playing it safe, and building the team through necessary “Un-sexy” picks like O-lineman when you’ve got that chip on your shoulder.


PS – It couldn’t get much more accurate than this: