Don't Be A Sucker This Saturday Night, Uber Is Hooking Up All Stoolies With Free Money For Cabs

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New Years. St Patricks Day. Halloween. What do all of these days have in common? They all are the absolute worst days to get a cab in the City of Chicago. Well guess what. Saturday night is going to be just as bad. Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. 7 pm puck drop. Cabs will be impossible. So don’t be a sucker. Sign up for Uber. When everyone is upstreaming each other on Wells or Clark or Division, you’ll have your cab waiting for you. Power move.


So here are the details. Uber is offering a $20 credit for Stoolies signing up for the first time. If you want to use the fancier Uber services, you can knock 20 bucks off your price. If you use UBERx, $20 covers roughly 90% of all those rides. So you’re essentially getting an UBERx for free. Sign up through this link here. Make sure you enter the promo code “stool” and Uber will take you wherever you need to go free of charge.


No brainer for a night like Saturday Night. Don’t be that guy waiting for a cab while your girl complains about her heels.

Sign up for UBERx now.