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Redskins Players Want Kirk Back And Have Started The #PayTheMan Movement On Twitter

Day 2: The natives are getting restless.

Yesterday I might have overreacted about the Skins and Cousins breaking off talks. I was quickly calmed down by the reassurance that we have Scot McCloughan, the best GM in the game, running the show now. I’m still battered and bruised from 15 years of Snyder, Cerrato, and co that it’s hard for me to sit here and think every little thing is going to be alright. But Scot does in fact know what he’s doing. The players all love Kirk. The coach loves Kirk. The fans love Kirk. Shit, even fans of other teams can’t help but love Kirk. And he’s a damn fine QB to boot. I have no reason to doubt that he’ll be back and inked to a long term contract. I hope they don’t have to franchise him and can work something out, but I fully believe they will #PayTheMan and Kirk will bring stability and hope to this once proud franchise again.