SI Can Be As Moral As They Want If They Keep Releasing This Behind The Scenes Body Paint Footage

We’ve been ragging on these guys enough by now but I’ll tell ya what – Sports Illustrated, the worldwide leader in political correctness and not subjecting the female race, can by all means keep fighting the good fight. If they can convince Caroline Woznaicki she isn’t in the nude with a couple of strokes of paint and pimp her naked beauty out for the world to see, more power to them. A greater wool over the eyes I have never seen. A totally hypocritical move blurring out the curtains, but hey, they can’t offend anyone over there. This is first class honorable stuff. I bet they’d blur out my grundle, too, if we ever did a body paint issue over here.

Props on getting Tiger’s ex to do pull ups in the nude, too. Oh, she’s not just Tiger’s ex but a world renown Olympian, too? How would I know, I’m just a worthless smutsation.