LeSean McCoy Hasn't Been Arrested Yet Because The Case Is "High Profile"


PFTEight days ago, ESPN’s Mark Schwarz reported that arrest warrants in the LeSean McCoy incident were “imminent.” Define “imminent.” The case has been delayed since then, with prosecutors still investigating the case and uncertainty as to how long it will take. So why is it taking so long? The profile of the defendant has a lot to do with it. McCoy has the money to compile a Dream Team of the same quality that a former Bills running back once had. Which means that McCoy’s lawyers will be sufficiently skilled to poke holes and search for technicalities and find a glove that doesn’t fit.

Hey, remember when Shady and his boys allegedly beating the piss out of a couple off duty cops? Oh, yeah. Wasn’t he supposed to be arrested for that, especially once the video dropped? Well, introducing the United States justice system, ladies and gentleman! The more money you get, the more likely the acquit. I mean, I get it. Every nook and cranny needs to be evaluated before officially pinching a suspect of this nature. But really? The video is out there. You see the stompage from Shady’s crew and no matter if it was justified or not, it’s pretty cut and dry. The only thing a delay of this magnitude would cause is an OJ White Bronco situation, which I admit would be amazing.

Pull those jeans up next time, Shady. Even if it is somehow Chip Kelly’s fault.