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Why Was This Nerf Battle Racer Invented Only Recently And Not At The Beginning Of Time?

Creating a stir worldwide is Hauck’s NERF Battle Racer. This awesome machine, for kids age 4 to 10, carries up to four Nerf blasters and a seemingly endless supply of NERF darts. This must-have go-cart has it all – great styling, ball bearing hubs to all four wheels for friction-free running, free-wheel setting, handbrake and tool-free adjustable seat.

Sweet mother of God. You know the things would’ve done with this bad boy growing up? This puppy is essentially straight out of Halo for a 7-year-old. All I know is the younger generation’s responsibility to uphold guy code when riding these tanks around. It’s your male civic duty to Mad Max all over town tramp stamping your bitch sister’s or cousin’s Barbie mobile. And with these things it shouldn’t be that hard. If we could do it with a Big Wheel, you can do it with this technology.