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Rory McIlroy Put Brandel Chamblee In A Body Bag On Twitter

Here was the original tweet from the Golf Channel


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.03.31 AM



Basically an article where Brandel Chamblee shouts from the mountain tops that golfers like Rory should worry about getting too big and strong in the weight room because of happened to Tiger late on his career. Chamblee loves making this point.  Absolutely loves it. He loves it more than anything.


This was Rory’s response



Head shot. Hey Brandel, guess what?  Rory doesn’t give a fuck about your opinion. Rory has as many majors as Chamblee had tour wins over the course of his career.  Pretty sure Rory has a better handle on how to be an awesome golfer than you do. Let him do his thing. Also, the game of golf is different now even from when Tiger bulked up. It seemed like Tiger got big simply to get bigger and more powerful. It wasn’t necessarily golf specific. Nowadays all of these guys have specialized trainers and specialized diets to specifically make them better golfers. Big difference.


Also, the PGA Tour needs to let Rory live



This is why the world sucks. They really wouldn’t let Rory say, “Suck my white ass ball” on their Twitter account? That’s bullshit. If it’s his favorite line from the movie, it’s his favorite line in the movie. The PGA Tour can’t go changing that because they’re scared they’re gonna upset somebody with a swear word that isn’t even a swear word. This is why the world needs Barstool. If Rory wants to takeover our Twitter account he can say “Suck my white ass ball” as many times as he wants. Is it weird that I’m mad at a Twitter account for not letting a golfer say his favorite Happy Gilmore line? Well I don’t care. It’s the principle of the thing.