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Flyers Take 2 Points In New Jersey As Ghost Bear Extends His Point Streak To 13 Games

Flyers 6, Devils 3 | (25-21-10)

Points in 13 straight games for the rookie defenseman. That’s an NHL record for rookie defenseman point streak, it’s the 2nd longest point streak in the league this year and for as predominantly shitty as this season has been, it’s comforting to know that there’s a legitimate stud on the blueline for the future. Last night’s game was really weird and I think the weirdest thing about it is that RJ Umberger had himself a 2-point 3rd period with two assists less than five minutes apart from each other. But we’ll get to those a little later. Right now let’s start off with Radko Gudas who, for like the hundreth time this season, was sent off early in the game with a match penalty.

Alright so first off.. it only takes a few times watching this hit to realize that Radko Gudas went shoulder-to-shoulder with Bobby Farnham here and that Farnham sold it as if Gudas shot him in the face with a 12-gauge. But that’s besides the point now. Because the play was already half a zone away from Gudas and Farnham at this point. There was absolutely no reason at all to go for that hit. And I know a lot of Flyers fans will say that the only reason Gudas got a match penalty was because of his reputation. And to that, I say yeah, no fucking shit you idiots. But that’s the problem with Gudas. He’s built up this reputation for himself that he should know he has zero tolerance in the eyes of the refs. He should know that he’s always going to be on thin ice. Yet he continues to put himself in these questionable positions and give refs reason enough to show him the gate. Gudas is a goon. There’s a way to be a goon but be smart at the same time. He hasn’t figured that out yet and constantly puts the Flyers in a bad spot with these penalties. Does this look suspension worthy? No. But I pray that Hakstol gives him his own suspension because the cons heavily outweigh the pros to keeping him on the ice anymore. And speaking of Gudas constantly putting the Flyers on the PK…

Penalty Kill Deserves A Beer After Last Night

First PK of the night was a little shaky with Gudas earning a 5 minute major. The Devils scored once, had that call reversed via Coach’s Challenge. Then hit the post and then scored again, this time it counted. Realistically, it could have very easily been 3-0 after that first penalty. But after that, the Flyers PK owned New Jersey who was only able to go 1/7 on the powerplay. Now that right there is a huge issue. I get that some of the calls were ticky-tacky, but the Flyers can’t be giving teams 7 powerplay opportunities every night because teams that are better than New Jersey are going to capitalize on that shit and make you pay for it. Luckily for the Flyers, however, they’ve been very disciplined on the kill lately and clearing the puck every chance they got. Also doesn’t hurt that Michal Neuvirth put on another great performance last night. Neuvirth is a stud. I just can’t tell if he’s a stud in general or if he’s just a stud because he’s a back up and doesn’t have too much pressure on him to do well. I think we’d see a different Michal Neuvirth if he was a #1 goalie but for now, he’s feeling it.


Schenn From Simmonds, Simmonds From Schenn

Hakstol decided to fuck around with the lines last night after the Flyers have been playing like dog shit lately. So Brayden Schenn got an opportunity to play on the left wing with Claude and Simmer. So he went out there and had himself a 3 point game off of 1 goal and 2 assists. Baby Schenn has been on a tear lately since his brother got shipped out to Los Angeles. I really don’t see any reason why the Flyers shouldn’t extend him in the summer. A top 6 of Claude, Jake, Simmonds, Coots, Schenn, Konecny looks like the perfect mix of skill and grit. That’s a lineup that is going to be brutal to play every single night. They’lll kick your ass in the corners and then demoralize your goalie out front. Schenn is going to be a big piece of that moving forward and needs to be a priority. And at this point, I think everyone knows what Wayne Simmonds brings to the table. An absolute beast and he’ll have 30 on the season. Good lord.

2 Point Night For RJ Umberger

Umberger had the primary assists on both the Cousins goal to make it 4-2 and then the Voracek goal to seal the deal at 5-2. RJ Umberger stinks. I know that, you know that, I think even he knows that. The Flyers are going to buy out the last year on his contract this summer and chances are this will be his last season in the NHL. So you know what? The team isn’t going to make the playoffs this year and if RJ Umberger wants to keep this type of production up to go out with, well then I’m fine with that. The season is over for all I’m concerned. Let the old guy get a few more points before he has to hang them up for good.

The Other Guys

– Thought Sam Gagner had another strong game. A lot of chances offensively that just didn’t find the back of the net but he looked hungry. We’re less than 2 weeks away from the NHL trade deadline. I really don’t think that Hakstol likes Gagner enough to where the Flyers give him another contract in the summer. So hopefully he plays every game from now until February 29th and a team that is desperate for some more offensive production is willing to make a deal for him. He’ll probably only bring in a 3rd round pick but you never know with Hextall. I like the kid a lot, think he still has potential in this league but he’s just not a fit for the Flyers’ future plans.

– Too many turnovers in the DZ 5v5. They need to cut that shit out. Turnovers at your own blueline against good teams end up in the back of the net. Pretty simple shit.

– Like I said, this season is all but over for the Philadelphia Flyers. Right now they just need to work on getting themselves at a good spot in the draft. They’re not a playoff team and even if they made the playoffs, they’d get bounced in the first round. But last night’s game was fun to watch and if the Flyers are able to keep giving us good hockey to watch while also tanking for a top 10 pick, well then this season will be a success in my opinion.

– Flop City, bitch. Flop Flop City, bitch.