Wake Up With Pedro Martinez's Perfect Game That He Never Got Credit For

This right here honestly might be one of the biggest travesties in sports history, never mind just baseball. If you’re perfect through nine innings, that, my friend, is a perfect game. 27 up, 27 down. Is it Pedro Martinez’s fault that he was on a last place Expos team that couldn’t score any runs? No. While the record books might indicate otherwise, Pedro should have a perfect game on his resume. Instead of the perfect game that he so rightfully deserves, this game will live as one of four one-hitters in the Hall of Fame career of Pedro Martinez. Pedro never got his perfect game or his no-hitter, but he is one of 26 pitchers since 1920 to have at least four one-hitters. I love you, Expos. But you really pissed me off that day.