Good Lord, Happy Gilmore Was Released 20 Years Ago Today

20. Freaking. Years. Somehow the quotes are still gold in modern day society. These were the times when Ben Stiller wasn’t even a name yet, the hot Mom from Modern Family was even hotter, Bob Barker was still breathing on his own (I think), and everything Adam Sandler touched turned to GOLD. From SNL to Billy Madison to this magnificent piece of work, Sandler was king. Now I don’t even think I can remember his last movie that was half decent. Spanglish? Click? Cause it sure as shit wasn’t Pixels. Guess that’s the life you lead when you get big enough to where you can just make movies with your friends and not give a fuck. You’re a bold faced liar if you wouldn’t do the same exact thing, well maybe not to the extent of Grown Ups 2, but you get the point.

The older I get, the more underrated Shooter McGavin seems. Just a perfect villain through and through. Now go back to your shantys.