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Here We Have Disgraced GM And Current 1B Coach Ruben Amaro Tossing Batting Practice With His Non-Dominant Arm

Cute. I didn’t think there was anyway in hell Ruben Amaro Jr. was ambidextrous to this degree. Nope. I assumed the dude just wanted to snake his way to a coaching position anyway, anyhow. This guy was a bat boy for the Phillies, teabagged the Mendoza line with a .235 career batting average in the league, and was essentially solely responsible for ruining a World Series franchise as a GM. There isn’t much to put on that resume to make it exactly jump, so Ruben did what Ruben does best – Bullshit. Can’t blame him. But I’d like to see some video of this guy slinging BP with both arms at 51-years-old. I don’t think the Red Sox players are gonna get a lot of work done during BP when Ruben’s throwing lefty at 35mph like this:

We blogged it already when it happened, but it is absurd this man has fallen from grace this much to go from running a MLB ball club to his major responsibility is being the guy who half-ass jogs to second base to pick up someone’s elbow protector after they smack a double. Can’t wait to see the squid in a ear flapped helmet. And if you don’t think Ruben Amaro will cost you a couple games coaching first base, you’re dead wrong. He’ll convince Ortiz to take off because he’s got a feeling, and in his mind, he’s never wrong about his gut.