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I Was About To Say How Hot I Think Tara Reid Is But Then I Saw Her Ass




At first I was all like dangggg girl, you got it together. Your stomach doesn’t look like Frankenstein anymore



reid stomach


and your tits look fantastic. Well done, Tara Reid. Giving me flashbacks of the first American Pie movie and Van Wilder.




And then she turned around.






What the fuck is that?! It’s the cankles of the butt, but her back just goes straight down into her legs. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. How can one person spend so much money on plastic surgery but leave her ass looking like that? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pic. I imagine having sex with her is a lot like when you think you left your keys on the counter and you grab for them, but they aren’t there. So you move your hand around a few times, and it’s still not there. Most frustrating moment in your life. Where the fuck are my Tara Reid’s ass, I need to go to the liquor store!