Nobody Shows Up To Anti-Beyonce Protest In NYC, Beyonce Fans Counter Protest Anyway

Counter protesting a protest that never even started. 2016, ya’ll. Its like outrage over outrage. All these people are like a goddam snake eating their tail.

Beyonce fans are unlike any other force on the planet. The Beyhive is not to be trifled with. Other fans are loud and unrelenting. The Kanye Stans. The Future army. The Beliebers. Plenty of other annoying groups of music fans. But the Beyhive legit believe Beyonce is genuine royalty. Ready to defend their queen even when there’s nothing to defend. Like take this latest hubbub over her Super Bowl performance and music video. I dont think anybody even really cares that much. Yea there’s some people clamoring on the internet that shes an asshole but thats it. Nobody with a brain is surprised at Beyonce being pro Black Lives Matter and dressing like the Black Panthers and shit. Thats not surprising at all, one bit. And clearly people werent even actually that upset because nobody even fucking showed up to the protest. When push comes to shove nobody really cares.

But dont tell the Beyhive that. If there’s even a hint of a whisper that some people might besmirch the good name of Queen B, they’re there. On a workday morning no less. Beyhive not exactly busy I guess.