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This Dog Gives Zero Fucks About Being Caged In By His Playpen


Laugh out loud funny. I’ve watched that loop no less than one thousand times. Dogs just being smarter than humans. If that was a test to see if the dog would realize the playpen wasn’t bolted to the ground then he passed with flying colors. He’s fucking outta there. Heading straight for the door. Where are they?  Is that some sort of coffee shop that doubles as a place you can cuddle with dogs? If so we need places like that here in America. Doesn’t matter where it is I guess, that fluffy fella has places to be and people to see and no cage is gonna stop him. Playpen?  What playpen? If Kanye’s Twitter rants have taught us anything it’s the life is an illusion. The shackles thrown on you don’t exist. Same goes for dogs in tiny playpens.


PS- I feel obligated, since that was taken in an Asian country, to make a joke about him escaping so they don’t eat him. I guess I just want you to know that I’m aware of that.


h/t tim