Chick With Giant Racquets Trying To Play Tennis Is Worth The Watch

Tennis is one of the few sports out there that the skill level in the women’s game is at least similar to the skill level in the men’s game. That’s not being a misogynistic asshole, those are just the facts. There’s a reason why you can see co-ed tennis doubles matches and you don’t see any co-ed professional basketball leagues. But you have your Serena Williams and your Victoria Azarenka’s of the world that are just as exciting to watch as guys like Djokovic and Federer. And then you also have this broad who… has some talents of her own.




So yeah. I’m sure she got a great workout in for the day but if we’re being honest with each other, she really could have used some more support for those puppies. Can’t be good for her back and posture. She could also open up her hips a little more to get some more power on that forehand return but that’s neither here nor there. Now here’s another fun video to watch of someone who sucks at playing tennis.