Tavares' No Look Behind The Back Pass Highlights A 4-1 Win Over Detroit

JT stromeCan hockey bloggers use the word cheeky? Is that only a soccer thing? Cause that pass has the word cheeky written all over it. Cheeky Level: 100. Cheeky af. Be more cheeky John, you can’t.

After a few weeks of enduring a quiet Johnny T, these last half dozen games have proven he’s right back to being his same ol’ self. 9 points in his last 5 games, topping it all off with this beauty of an assist for the Stromeshow. JT’s back and back at the right time people.

I feel like every blog I write involves some sort of praise for Thomas Greiss, and that can be chalked up to his stellar play more than it is my fixation on having two #1 goalies in the chamber. Improving to a .931 save percentage and a 2.16 goals against following today’s victory, Greiss Almighty continues to help guide this ship towards winning waters.

With a Capitals/Devils back to back on Thursday and Friday, expect to get a taste of both Greiss and Jaro in net. Question is, who does Cappy throw at the big bad Caps? The answer to that will be more telling than one would think.

PS – The Isles unveiled a cool new catchphrase after today’s win. A+ stuff, wish I could come up with #content like this.

connor is Barstool Sports’ Chief Isles correspondent