Let's Check In On Comcast Real Quick

It’s good to check in on my old friends at Comcast every so often. Comcast reminds me of Stu’s wife in the Hangover. He marries her because she’s his only option, and she takes advantage of him constantly, fucks him over, fucks the waiter from the cruise, and makes him feel like a complete piece of shit. But what is his other option? He doesn’t want to move and start all over again. And that’s exactly what Comcast is. Don’t even get yourself into a relationship with them. They don’t care about you, about your family, or even about your dog. They HATE dogs, especially puppies. Find yourself a nice place with Verizon, settle down, and never have to worry about losing Internet even once. At my old place with Comcast there was an issue daily with them. I’ve had Fios for I guess 2 years now, zero issues ever. It’s actually remarkable to take a step back and think about the difference. Just how extremely shitty Comcast treats their customers and how incredibly awful their product is in comparison. So if you have Comcast, you have nobody to blame but yourself. You’re bleeding just to know you’re alive.

Previously in Comcast is the worst company of all time:

CEO says they won’t raise prices, then raises the prices

Comcast won’t cancel service of guy whose house burned down

Woman talked to 39 technicians about fixing her service, they send her a letter addressed to “Super Bitch”

Woman tried to cancel her service, they sent her a bill to “Asshole Brown”

Comcast told a guy they wouldn’t charge him for their fuck up and then did anyway

Woman pulled a gun on Comcast after they said fixing it would be free and then charged her

Absolute PSYCHO at Comcast who flat out won’t let a person cancel their service (actually forgot about this one, I hope this guy is in the looney bin somewhere)

The time Comcast literally won the “worst company in America award”

My Comcast horror story- how they had faulty wiring, wouldn’t fix it, purposely sold slower internet than advertised, and how their technicians legitimately laughed about how bad their service is