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Zach LaVine And Aaron Gordon Squared Off In An Epic NBA Dunk Contest

50s on 50s on 50s.  This is when the Dunk Contest is at its best.  It’s why we sit through 1,000 awful Nate Robinson attempts back in the day.  Or the years that were filled with duds.  Because occasionally you get a showdown like ‘Nique vs. MJ.  Or have Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter both dominate the same year like they did in 2000. Sure Andre Drummon and Will Barton flopped.  But LaVine and Gordon were flying like they just fucked Tinkerbell. Just a ton of fun.  LaVine raised the trophy, but I feel like we will remember Gordon’s dunks more. Especially the one where he did this:

Regardless it was incredible shit.  Gravitational waves were discovered this week and then murdered by two NBA players in Toronto.


Now lets hope the NBA doesn’t fuck it up next year and great dunkers continue to enter it.

Phil Jackson needs to sign this dude to a 10-day contract because he’s the NBA’s next great point guard.


And since I mentioned it earlier, here is the 2000 Dunk Contest which had some great performances by the guys that didn’t even win. And this video has a pretty solid old school playlist.