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New York Daily News Writes A Story On How Peyton Manning Teabagged His Female Trainer At Tennessee and People Are Freaking Out



So the NY Daily News did a huge expose on Peyton Manning teabagging his female trainer at Tennessee today. Everybody is sending us the link. Twitter is freaking out about it. Everybody acting like this is some sort of breaking news. I don’t get it. I blogged this story in 2009. We blogged it 2 weeks ago. Deadspin has blogged it. USA Today has written a story on it.  The Big Lead wrote about it. This story has literally been told thousands of times over the past decade. Yet everytime somebody new writes about it they act like this is the first time they heard it. Yes Peyton Manning teabagged his female trainer in college. Yes Peyton Manning used HGH. Yes the Mannings are experts at manipulating the media so nobody ever talks about anything bad they do. Yes they have a long history of intimidating witnesses, lying and cheating their way to the top. Yes they run smear campaigns vs. anybody who dares cross them. Yes they’ve been doing it since Peyton was at Tennessee and yes they are still doing it now. Hell the same fake cops who paid Charlie Sly a visit probably paid Jamie Naughright a visit. The only interesting part of the NY Daily News article is it just shows how many people are still clueless about the real Peyton Manning. It just speaks to how devious the Manning clan really is.  How in bed the mainstream media is with them.  But other than that this is literally old news.