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North Korean Expert Has His "Boom Goes The Dynamite" Moment When He Freezes On TV



Brutal.  Just brutal. You hate to see that happen.  He had it.  It was going well. A couple stumbles but everyone stumbles.  But then you could see the fear creeping into his brain. The other news hosts tried their best to throw him multiple bones to keep him on track but he just couldn’t do it. That is everyone’s worst nightmare. Going on TV and having things go so badly that you just bail out at the end. That guy at least had the decency to slowly walk away. I would’ve sprinted outta there like Usain Bolt as soon as it started going south. By the way, how soon are we gonna see this clip in a North Korean piece of propaganda? I bet they’re already cutting up the video right now. Flashes of Kim Jong Un then flashing back to the anxiety-riddled North Korean expert. North Korea will absolutely spin this as Jong Un having some sort of mystical unicorn powers that can take over the brains of enemies and render them speechless.


Now that obviously wasn’t near as bad as Boom Goes The Dynamite. The BGTD video is downright horrifying. Like a car crash so bad that you can’t look away. But do people still understand that reference or am I just old now?  Well I’m sorry to everyone who has seen it and also to anyone who hasn’t seen it.  Basically I’m sorry to everyone but I’m gonna link to the video below. It is the most brutal video the internet has ever produced. I’m so sorry.