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I’d Like To Address My Backwards Knees



So you know that picture I posted of me eating popcorn earlier today? Well once again it has set off a firestorm of people saying I have backwards knees.


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These are the same exact comments I got from this picture right here with Stella and Extraordinary Clara that started the whole inverted knee craze.





Well I think I’ve figured it out. It’s this specific jacket/pants combo. This jacket is my heavy duty winter coat. I only wear it in sub artic temperatures.  I think the way it sticks out makes it seem like my knees are inverted. And it’s only when I wear baggy cords. But I want to say something loud and clear right now. At no point, at no point have I ever have inverted knees. For people to keep believing I have inverted knees it’s just total ludicrous. It’s garbage and it’s rubbish and it’s not true and it’s total garbage.  For those Stoolies who have been behind me all this time I thank you for being in my corner.