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An Idea That Is Long Overdue: Popcorn Runners at the Movies



So I went to see Zolander 2 last night. Shit was HORRIBLE. Just a total money grab by the Zoolander people. I loved the first one. Hated the 2nd. Don’t even bother watching it. It was that bad.

Anyway on the bright side I set a personal best by eating 3 large popcorns. Not with 3 barrels he can’t! Not with 3 barrels. Anyway when I started bragging about how much popcorn I ate on twitter lots of people were calling me an idiot because there are free refills. Yeah like I’m gonna get up during the middle of a movie to get more popcorn. Get the fuck out of here. But it does bring up an excellent point. Why aren’t there popcorn runners in the movies? I should be able to press a button and have an usher deliver me food so I don’t have to get up. I mean all these new fangled movie theaters have assigned seating so they know exactly where you are. It shouldn’t be that hard to allow ordering from your seat. Absolute no brainer. Credit to the guy who tweeted me this idea, but now that I popularized it, it’s officially my idea so credit to my brain. Pres did it again!