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Breaking News: Handsome Hank Just Broke His Maiden In Stylish Fashion



Well I didn’t see that coming.  Handsome Hank just running the rest of the field off their feet.  Just when you think it’s time to give up on Handsome Hank he jumps up and surprises you.   He rewards you for all the faith and hard work you’ve invested in him.  Maybe just maybe the real Handsome Hank will surprise me one day too?  Probably not, but maybe.

PS – A big sticking point with the Chernin negotiations is they didn’t want the horses to be owned by Barstool.  They wanted me to own them personally.  I wanted nothing to do with Hank cause he’s a money pit.   Well, well, well how the worm has turned.  I got the horse and Chernin got the human. Everything is coming up Pageviews!

Double PS – I have no idea what happened to the Starfish silks, but if he keeps winning he can wear whatever the fuck he wants.