The Rules For Performers At Kanye's Yeezy Season Show Are So Kanye It Hurts

The ridiculousness that is Kanye West + the ridiculousness that is fashion shows = This rules list. I guess no fast movements and no slow movements means you need to keep it locked in third gear for the entire show? No sing, unless instructed. Makes total sense. Do not act cool? Perfect, I do that every day. Do not break the rules? Should have opened or closed with this, but point taken. Be percautios? Midas whale if I am doing all the other stuff on the list.

I feel like Kanye just makes up shit as he goes along and can get away with it because no one will call him on his bullshit. If you acted like a dick or were starting to fade, rappers would call you out on a diss track. That’s what made that whole Wiz beef/non beef so much fun. Someone finally calling out Kanye for being a dick. I am actually kind of expecting Kanye to release a track on his new album with literally no sound on it like Pootie Tang did and people dub it as an incredible achievement because it’s “art”. This is the world we live in.

Then again, if he drops something like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, everything is all good. I’m honestly just praying to God that this album is better than Yeezus and 808s were.