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OK Go Made Another Really Cool Music Video - This Time Shooting In Zero Gravity

OK Go is a band. They are a band you more than likely first heard on Madden 2003 (GET GET GET GET GET OVER IT!). I’m not sure OK Go has any actual fans. But they seem to be doing alright or Madden pays really well, because they’ve been making really over the top and unique music videos ever since. They did that one on the treadmills, they did that really cool optical illusion one, and now they have this one, filmed in a plane in zero gravity. I can’t name one of their songs besides GET GET GET GET GET OVER IT! but they keep popping up every couple of years. Seems like they are the only band making unique, fresh, innovative music videos anymore.

PS: What’s up with gravity being the hottest topic in the streets right now? Everywhere you look, fucking gravity man. Haven’t thought about gravity since that apple fell from the tree and now all of a sudden gravity is so hot right now.