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This Photo Of Gronk Eating Sushi In His Minions Hat Is Art





I’ve long suspected that Gronk was actually just three tremendously strong toddlers stacked upon one another, but this tweet I received last night all but confirmed it. Laugh out loud funny. You thought that Minion hat he wore at the Super Bowl parade was a bit of a schtick? Nope, that’s his favorite hat. Loves the Minions, can’t get enough of the little buggers. The part that really does me in is the look in his eyes. It’s blurry, and I’m sure he’s looking at something else, but his eyes read like he’s shocked he’s putting sushi in his mouth, his brain is saying, “Hey, these aren’t dinosaur chicken nuggets!” The fact that Gronk even knows how to use chopsticks, and isn’t barehanding spicy tuna rolls, is one of his most mystifying attributes. All in all, a wonderfully fascinating picture. The only time in recorded history that a human in a cartoon character winter hat has eaten sushi, chopsticks and all.