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Wait A Minute. Now Derek Fisher Is Rumored To Have Been In Love Triangles With Girls Linked To Tim Hardaway Jr. And Cleanthony Early?


TBL- At around the 30-minute mark of an episode of ESPN’s TrueHoop podcast on Wednesday, a contributor named Big Wos recalled that he felt at the time that Derek Fisher’s escapades with Matt Barnes’ ex-wife during training camp were a fireable offense. “You just don’t seem like you’re taking your job seriously,” he said. “And if the players are supposed to be held accountable by this guy, and he’s in the same dating pool as them, that’s such a personal thing, the woman that you’re dating, and I think that every single player kind of understands that.”  This has all been well documented, but there’ve been plenty of other insinuations out there beneath the surface.

“Phil [Jackson] failed to tell him that when you become a coach you have to move your dating sites up to the executive level,” Brian Windhorst laughed in response. “I mean I’m making a joke, but it’s also the truth. It’s now Tinder pro.”  After some more discussion about Barnes and Fisher, Windhorst chimed back in: “Correct me if I’m wrong, Kevin [Arnovitz], but Tim Hardaway Jr. had to go on the record to discuss whether he and Derek Fisher were involved with the same woman. I’m fairly certain he had to go on the record and said he had to deal with that. So it wasn’t just Matt Barnes.”

As far as we can tell, if there was indeed a situation between Hardaway and Fisher, it never bubbled over publicly. During the Barnes fiasco, there was an offhand allusion to rumors of a love triangle involving Hardaway and Fisher (and one involving Fisher and Cleanthony Early) on a small web site called Sneaker Mob, and a few offhand tweets. There were plenty of stories last season about Hardaway Jr.’s being in Fisher’s doghouse on the court (here, here, here), but that’s not altogether uncommon for a young player. Hardaway was traded to Atlanta this offseason.


The virtual ink hadn’t even dried on my blog about Derek Fisher going on vacation with Matt Barnes’ wife before another scandalous story drops from the clouds. I don’t know if the nickname Slippery Fish even does Derek Fisher justice anymore. I may just call him Nova. Cassa…Nova. An all-time stickman. I mean if he is slinging hard dick as much as these rumors say he was, I can understand why he was such a piss poor coach. No time for X’s and O’s when you are swimming in T and A.  And Fisher is just begging for triangle offense jokes to flood the Internet.

As the Knicks blogger, I am working around the clock trying to sort out all the chicks that Fisher may have slayed. LeBron James’ talents on the court are supporting Brian Windhorst’s life and career. Derek Fisher’s talents off the court are supporting mine. So I sincerely thank Double Crossing Derek for everything he has (allegedly) done. At this rate, he will be putting all my kids through college. And if this whole Tim Hardaway situation is true and it led to Hardaway getting dealt for Jerian Grant, than you can argue that Fisher’s dick actually helped the Knicks more than his coaching did. As for Cleanthony Early, I just feel bad for him. Got shot at a strip club and had his coach (supposedly) go after his girl. The ultimate “we aren’t in (Wichita) Kansas anymore” experience.

You have to ask yourself if these rumors were the final straw for the Zen Master. Because Phil could not possibly let Coach Steal Yo Girl around Queen Jeanie Buss.



All this controversy is going to lead to Derek Fisher coaching throwback jerseys to go on clearance.