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It's All Fun And Games Till You Need A Literal Forklift To Get Your Big Booty Into A Vehicle

Good gravy. Sooo…how’s she gonna get out? Gravity? This is the most visual Yo Mama So Fat joke in history. Personally I’d prefer hearing – Her blood type is Nutella / Had to go to Sea World to get baptized / Her porn nickname would be Krispy Kreme. But forklifts lifting fat asses into vehicles is where the line is drawn, America. I’m all for letting loose and having a Wall-E society, but we’re not exactly there yet technologically speaking. Being in the in-between stages of requiring forklifts to get into trucks and rags on sticks to wash bodies isn’t what I call living well.

The clock is ticking, lady. Skip to 2:30 here for the most full-proof diet out there. So simple, it’s genius. (Dammit do I miss the greatness that was The Man Show. Bring back skinny Carolla and fat Kimmell to do one more rodeo that will NEVER be allowed to air in today’s PC climate.)