Who Is Tanner Glass And Why Is He "Threatening" Wayne Simmonds?

By now I’m sure that everyone who is reading this post is familiar with the incident involving Wayne Simmonds and Rangers‘ captain Ryan McDonagh. Myself, Chief and 610 just got done recording an episode of Chip & Chase about the punch that’ll be out later today at some point but for the most part, I think we all agreed that Wayne Simmonds shouldn’t have thrown a punch at McDonagh at that point in the game. But with that being said, he had every right to in the world after taking a cross check to the head from the Rangers captain and also taking a butt-end to the mouth the shift before from Chris Kreider. Also, the fact that Ryan McDonagh got a concussion from this altercation doesn’t make it any worse. That’s just an unfortunate event for McDonagh having a glass jaw because this punch happens all the time and 9/10 times, nobody gets injured from it. But anyway, the Flyers and Rangers will have another chance to let each other know how they feel about each other when they play again on Sunday. And when speaking to reporters the other day, here’s what Rangers 4th line plug Tanner Glass had to say.

“You have to think team first, so you’re not taking a penalty,” Glass said. “You’re not trying to hurt your team in anyway. You just have to let [Simmonds] know that that’s not going to be tolerated. [McDonagh’s] our captain, he’s our best player, [Simmonds] can’t do that. He’ll know. He’ll know.”

Okay so first let me just say that I have nothing wrong with the content of Tanner Glass’ quote. Part of the game that makes hockey such a great sport is the self-policing that goes on among players. I’m sure that Wayne Simmonds knows damn well that he’ll have a target on his back on Sunday and that he’ll have to defend himself out there. And I’m also sure that if somebody gave Claude Giroux a concussion with a punch like that, that Wayne Simmonds would be the first guy to come to his defense the next game.

My problem with this quote is that it’s coming from Tanner Fucking Glass. A 4th liner who is lucky to get 10 minutes of ice time per game and has a whopping 3 points on the season. Are you fucking kidding me, dude? 1) I don’t even know how Tanner Glass and Wayne Simmonds end up on the ice together unless AV is really that fucking dumb and willing to risk that mismatch. 2) Tanner Glass couldn’t be more irrelevant if he tried. So I guess this is just a tough look for the Rangers. That they don’t have anybody on their roster who actually knows how to play hockey that is willing to step up for their captain. Instead, they’ll just let the 4th line goon try to take care of business. But whatever. It’ll be great to see Simmonds punch his face in (again) and then maybe do the Rangers a favor and allow them to scratch that clown.


P.S. – You have to think team first, so you’re not taking a penalty. You’re not trying to hurt your team in anyway. You just have to let [Lindberg] know that that’s not going to be tolerated… He’ll know. He’ll know.