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Quick Shoutout to the House of Prime Rib



So when we were in SF we ate at the same place 3 times. The House of Prime Rib. All they served was Prime Rib. Get it? That’s why they called it The House of Prime Rib. Place was electric. You got either a baked or mashed with your Prime Rib and corn or spinach. That was pretty much it. I loved the place. More restaurants should do this. Just pick one item and own it. House of Filet Mignon. House of Tbone Steak. House of Cheese Pizza. House of Salmon. House of Barbecue Chicken. Stop trying to be everything to everybody. I never trust places with huge menus. That just means everything is average to poor. I’m looking at you Cheesecake Factory.

But honestly none of that is really here nor there. Instead the best part of House of Prime Rib is that after you were done they came by and asked if you wanted an extra 3 ounces of Prime Rib. I was blown away. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen at a steak place. Fucking right I want another 3 ounces. Who doesn’t want 3 more ounces of Prime Rib. Every restaurant in America should do this. It should be a law. The after dinner extra 3 ounces. I don’t even know how I can ever eat steak again without being offered a 3 ounce desert portion. It’s so simple so brilliant just like everything at the House of Prime Rib. Red meat and men. That’s what this country is built on.


PS – I guess this is the guy who owns The House of Prime Rib?  I know this makes no sense but I already knew this is exactly what this guy would look like before ever seeing his picture.  It looks like two Prime Ribs fucked and this guy was born.