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Gotta Love Jim Fassel Saying That Cam Newton's Super Bowl Shoes Made Cam Soft


PFT- Now we’ve heard everything about Cam Newton and the Super Bowl.  Jim Fassel, the former coach who took the Giants to the Super Bowl after the 2000 season, had what may be the strangest assessment yet of Newton’s Super Bowl-losing performance on Sunday. According to Fassel, Newton set the stage for his disappointing game with his choice of footwear in pregame warmups.

“All of the numbers pointed to Carolina. And when I saw Cam Newton walk out in gold shoes — ‘MVP’ — I switched my mind, essentially, right then,” Fassel said on Mile High Sports 1340. “I said, ‘That’s not what a starting quarterback, MVP, leading his team — and I had a lot of respect for him during the season — that’s not what happens.’ You don’t do that. And I said, ‘This guy’s already become soft,’ and that’s what he was.”


Love this move by Fassel.  By making an outlandish statement like this, he lets NFL teams know that he is indeed alive.  Because Tom Coughlin basically took a flashy thingy from Men In Black and wiped all memory of his time with the Giants off the planet.  Now the guy can’t get an interview to save his life. I mean his years with the Giants weren’t all that bad.  A .522 winning percentage and a Super Bowl appearance isn’t terrible.

But Fassel went back to the well that led to the Giants making that Super Bowl.  Stripping Sean Payton of play calling duties while making this statement before the homestretch of the season.

Did the offense and defense hate each other for some of Fassel’s time with the Giants? Sure. Did the Giants get their doors blown off in that Super Bowl? Definitely. Did the Ravens say Kerry Collins was scared in the Super Bowl? Yup.

But still, Fassel dominated the UFL.  I guarantee nobody on the Las Vegas Locomotives has gold sneakers with the letters MVP on them.  You don’t win William Hambrech Championships with that kind of selfishness.


So maybe Cam’s shoes were the reason the Panthers lost. Not that Denver had an all-time great defense and the field being a pseudo ice skating rink made things pretty tough for Cam.