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Titus O'Neil Playfully Grabbed Vince McMahon's Arm...Is Now Suspended For 90 Days For Touching The Boss

Source - No matter what is going on, it seems that you must never cross the boss. According to, WWE superstar Titus O’Neil has been suspended for up to 90 days due to unprofessional conduct. He was reportedly sent home from the “Smackdown” tapings last night in Portland, Oregon, shortly after arriving at the arena.

The incident occurred during the final segment of last week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw.” As “Raw” was going off the air, Daniel Bryan was heading towards the back, through all of the superstars that were applauding for him on the top of the ramp. Supposedly, O’Neil grabbed McMahon in a “playful, loving way,” which caused McMahon to shove him back.

McMahon was incredibly angry by this, which led to the suspension. WWE has since removed the Network tribute video from the Network and, and will likely edit it to remove the incident. O’Neil has received several awards recently for his charity work, including being named “Celebrity Dad of the Year” in 2015.

Rule number 1 of the WWE- do not, under any circumstances, touch Vince McMahon. Vince hates sneezing because it’s involuntary. So if you grab his arm as he’s walking by, you better be ready to spend the next 3 months at home. Yes, a 90 day suspension for grabbing his arm playfully. You’re better off giving him a stunner right there on the ramp. And the thing is, Titus is one of the most respected guys in the locker room. All he does is do charity work, volunteer in the community, things like that. Doesn’t matter to Vincent Kennedy McMahon though. Vince isn’t the type to joke around when the cameras are still running. In Vince’s mind this was an important moment and whatever Titus wanted to say should have waited- and now he’ll pay for it. Really, really pay for it. 90 days worth of paying for it. I wonder if he can volunteer to wear a peg leg and an eye patch to get his job back?