Solid Timing For This Jeopardy Kid To Tell Everyone How Much He Loves And Respects Kanye West





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Hey listen, Hitler had some good ideas too you know? Sometimes you stand up for the wrong guy at the wrong time. Like when your big Jeopardy episode finally airs and you’re talking about your obsession with Kanye West at the exact moment he’s out on the internet telling everyone an alleged serial rapist is innocent. Win some lose some when you’re firmly on Team Kanye. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the coveted invite. Heard everyone is going (except all the people that said no)


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By the way, the worst part about that interview was the kid saying how much he respects Kanye’s fashion.


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That would be like me saying I really love Michael Jordan because of basketball but what he’s doing with fashion is why I’m a fan.



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