French Ladies Duke It Out On The Soccer Field With A Couple Of A+ Haymakers

Good grief. The tent was all pitched for a cat fight and boy oh boy was my misogynistic mind put to bed. These aren’t your typical house kittens, these are a couple of full blown man-eating mountain felines going at it. With those haymakers they could hang up the cleats and enter the UFC. And here I thought the most aggressive thing to happen in Women’s Futbol is when the tampons start infecting the field.

Gross. Love how it’s treated like radioactive waste. A guy’s dick could literally fall off and a dude would pick it up toss it to the sidelines to resume play ASAP. Nobody’s messing with period blood. The ref’s face says it all.


The way that bloke says “Pick your tampon, off the pitch” with such disdain in his voice is hilarious. The man is so offended her red rag touched his sport’s holy field she might as well have ringed it out in his morning coffee. And why didn’t she pick up her own mess? Super bitch move right there. Never trust anything that bleeds for days and doesn’t die.