How Hungry Was This Reporter When He Said "Bernie Sandwiches" Instead Of Bernie Sanders?



Serious question. Do they feed these reporters when they’re on the scene reporting?  Is there a spread laid out somewhere they can grab a quick bite to eat in between spots? Because that video leads me to believe that they don’t.  That their TV networks simply send them out there and don’t let them eat until the job is done. You don’t just accidentally say “Bernie Sandwiches”  That is a man who hasn’t eaten since lunch and would kill for some roast beef. Poor guy. He has to report on politics AND starve to death. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.


Also, I think that Bernie and his campaign should embrace this new nickname.  Kmarko called him Bernie “I Get Buckets” Sanders which is pretty fantastic but I really like Bernie Sandwiches.  Think about it. It sounds like a mafia nickname which is cool, people undoubtedly love sandwiches and it’s a great way to get little kids to support you cause it’s catchy and funny to say. Sure, the little kids can’t vote but they will constantly be saying, “Hey that’s Bernie Sandwiches” whenever he’s on the TV and that’s like a grassroots movement. Just saying.