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Alex Petrovic And Evander Kane Fought Three Times Last Night, Old Time Hockey

1 petro kane


Old time hockey right there. I can’t remember the last time the same guys fought three times in a year, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen two guys fight three times in one game.

Round 1

Always have to reward the aggressor in a fight. So a point to Petrovic, but overall Kane had the more impactful round. Landed more punches and got the tie up

Round 1 Score: 10-9 Evander Kane

Round 2

Again, love Petrovic being aggressive and wanting to go, but Kane got the better of him. Kane got inside of him and had the take down.

Round 2 Score: 10-8 Evander Kane

Round 3


ABSOLUTE FIREWORKS. More punches landed than any Mayweather fight. Evander with a decisive victory. Really mixed his punches and kept Petrovic off balance. Credit to Petrovic for not throwing in the towel after losing the first two rounds. When you’re down in a fight you have to go for the knockout late. That strategy caught up with Petro.

Round 3 Score: 10-8 Kane.


Everyone in hockey media is down on fighting, but I still love it. If you didn’t get goosebumps when they dropped the gloves for the 3rd time and met at center ice then you’re deader than the Boston Bruins. I always prefer to have good hockey players over fighters like John Scott, but both of these guys can play and also happen to be tough. It’s the best of both worlds. Big thanks to Petrovic for trying to knock out Evander Kane. I know he did Barstool: The Life, but I hate his guts. Really wish he wasn’t such a good fighter.