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Seth Meyers' Reaction To A Monologue Joke Bombing Was Fantastic

First of all, not a bad joke. If Jimmy Fallon said it he would have been slapping his desk and doing cartwheels around the set and the audience would have been fake laughing right there with him. I don’t know why Seth Meyers’ audience was completely against the “old person is dead” joke, but I’m glad they left it in the show. They could have easily snipped that out of the final broadcast, but I love the realness of it. Seth believed in his joke, he went with it, and reacted accordingly when it bombed.

I love listening to comedians talking about bombing on stage. They’ve all done it. They work on a joke forever, test it out, get good reactions, then finally say it on stage andddddd crickets. You just never know which jokes are going to work or not work. Even in the blog game, same thing. Type out some jokes, hit publish, hope people like them.

This is actually the best thing to happen to Seth Meyers in a long time- I haven’t heard dick about his late night show since he started. Actually forgot he even had one. James Corden has wiped the floor with him in that 12:30 time slot. A video of Seth bombing is the most pub he’s had in a year. Rough times, rough times.